Fitness Through Video Games?

Last holiday season you couldn’t purchase the Nintendo Wii because there simply were none left. Entrepreneurs were taking advantage of the lack of Wiis by up-selling them for higher than the retail price on websites like Ebay. The interactive game play that gets you off the couch had parents, kids, and seniors alike wanting toRead more

No Pain, No Gain? Proper Exercise Progression

To have an effective workout, does it really have to hurt? The “no pain, no gain” mentality actually can hurt more than help Lakers our exercise program. The likelihood VIP-Forex-Signals of cheap jerseys us sticking to exercise that makes us feel sore and miserable is slim. Not sticking to our exercise Rodenstock program disrupts ourRead more


Along with resistance training, stretching is a necessity for lifelong fitness to keep functional range of motion as we age. Without strength and flexibility, our ability to do the things we love to do may be compromised as we wholesale jerseys become mature adults. When we resistance train, we stretch muscles by putting our musclesRead more

Get “Back” to the Gym – Back Exercises

Unfortunately, most work environments today involve sitting for hours on end at a desk. In addition to limiting our daily activity, desk jobs allow postural muscles to relax and weaken over time until they poorly support joints. It is easy to allow your chair at your desk to hold up all of your weight, shuttingRead more