Facility Update!

I have some exciting news!  The Fitness Connection will be going through a full facility update this month.  The walls and ceiling will be getting a fresh coat of paint and a new styling that will look very similar to our website.  We will be replacing the old worn out floors in the front offices with new beech laminate flooring.  We will be creating better organization and storage.  The most exciting change will be the equipment layout in the gym.  6 pieces of equipment will be getting removed to create a functional training space for TRX training, aerobic boxing, plyometric box training and more.  Fitness training has evolved over the last twelve years and the one muscle group machines of the past just don’t produce the same quality results the functional training equipment that exist today.  We are saying goodbye to the following dust collecting machines; chest press machine, row machine, kneeling leg curl machine, extension machine, smith press, and incline barbell bench to create a better space to perform functional training.  All the changes should be finished by January 2nd to have a fresh new start to 2014.  Have a great holiday season!