Feature Personal Trainer – Phil Herrera

It’s been a while since my last blog simply because we have been busier than ever at The Fitness Connection.  I finally got a minute to sit down at my computer to write and the first thing that came to mind was how grateful I am to have Phil Herrera back at The Fitness Connection.

I first met Phil at 24 Hour Fitness where we both started our Personal Training careers.  He started working there about six months after I did.  After working there for over two years, we both felt it was time to move on.  Phil started working as an independent personal trainer at Super Bodies and I stuck around 24 Hour Fitness while I was organizing to open The Fitness Connection in my spare time.  Once I opened, Phil joined me.  We worked together for a few years before Phil decided to help his brother operate his general contracting business.  I was sad to see him go but everything seems to happen for a reason.

I didn’t hear much from Phil until I called him to see if he wanted to help me update The Fitness Connection in 2013.  He was excited to do the job and we spent a couple months together working on the remodel.  Phil was still the likeable great listening guy I’ve always known him to be with the only noticeable difference being a few more tattoos.  On one of those long days of painting, he told me that he was also updating his personal training certification through The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).  Phil realized that his true passion was personal training and his time away from it working for his brother only validated that.

A few months went by and by the middle of 2014, Phil brought his first client to The Fitness Connection since his hiatus from personal training.  I’ve never seen him so focused and coincidently, I was completely maxed out with the number of clients I could take in my schedule while weekly client inquiries continued.  Christy and Marcos, two other trainers at The Fitness Connection, were also too busy to take more clients.  I needed someone qualified to refer clients and Phil proved himself to be that guy.

At this point, along with the clients Phil has brought into the gym, Phil has been referred clients with severe postural problems, shoulder joint post rehab, a sport specific client (hockey) and even a client with fibromyalgia and they all are very happy with his services and have had great results working with him. He has a laid back nonthreatening approach and at the same time he’s very attentive to detail; a great formula for a great trainer.  His popularity is growing very fast so if you are looking to get into his schedule and make a change in your life, now is a great time to start with him. Phil, welcome back!  It is great to have you grow with us!