An Exceptional Year at The Fitness Connection!

2014 was an incredible year for The Fitness Connection.  It marks a year of growth that was the result of changes that started around two and a half years ago. The Fitness Connection had been open for nearly 12 years in 2012, when I looked around the gym and noticed it was time for change.  The painted walls had lost their luster over the years, there was gym equipment that was no longer being used, and my windowless office looked more like a storage room. The website had a black background that didn’t reflect the positive energy that I and the other trainers aimed to deliver.  Too many times in life we resist change. Familiarity, whether bad or good, is comfortable.

The same challenge exists when starting a new fitness program. As harmful as some old habits may be, they are familiar habits and sometimes the hardest thing to do is to let go of what’s familiar. Many of my successful clients say they woke up one day, looked in the mirror and said “enough is enough”.  They felt and saw the effects of their habits and they were ready for change.

For The Fitness Connection, the changes started with the website.  With the help of a professional web designer, I completed a front-to-back website makeover, resulting in the website you are looking at today.  The website’s bright white and blue design conveyed the positive energy that the trainer’s possess.  Unfortunately, the photos of the facility on the website did not express that same energy.  I knew the facility needed a makeover but my first response was the facility is fine the way it was.  The reality was that is was “fine” but it deserved to be exceptional.  Once the decision was made to make it exceptional, there was no turning back.  After three months of negotiating a new lease with my landlord, the facility finally got the makeover it deserved.  My old office was converted into a Pilates room for Robyn, who joined The Fitness Connection Trainers in 2013 right before the facility makeover.  Unused, older equipment was removed and replaced with generous floor space and a TRX equipment station that gets used every day.  I moved my desk to the naturally lit reception area where I would have the opportunity to greet clients and trainers when they arrive.

2014 was the first year we got to experience the results of the business makeover.  The business is growing, and we were nominated for the 2014 Orange County’s Best Personal Trainers on The Orange County Hot List.  With the support of our valued clients voting for us, we ended up winning 2nd place out of 39 nominated personal training businesses in Orange County.  I couldn’t be more pleased by the moments that I am given every day with the positive people and environment I get to work in.  I can’t thank you all enough for your continued support; trainers and clients alike.

Change can be a roller coaster of emotion indeed, but if you embrace opportunities for positive change in your life, life can give back to you in ways you never imagined.