Fitness Through Video Games?

Last holiday season you couldn’t purchase the Nintendo Wii because there simply were none left. Entrepreneurs were taking advantage of the lack of Wiis by up-selling them for higher than the retail price on websites like Ebay. The interactive game play that gets you off the couch had parents, kids, and seniors alike wanting to get in on the cheap nfl jerseys gaming action. In fact, many senior homes are purchasing Wiis for their tenants for the purposes of physical activity. After the hype died down a bit, I decided to buy a Nintendo Wii and give it a test run myself. Part of my incentive, in addition to just having fun, was that I wanted to see if in fact the Wii provided a significant workout. Studies have shown that the video game, Dance Dance Revolution put out energy and worked the heart in a similar cardiovascular fashion to a moderate intensity aerobic workout (such as jogging, walking, etc) so cheap nfl jerseys I wanted to see how about the Wii Sports matched up. I bought the Wii Sports package which included the Wii and five Wii Sports games: tennis, baseball, bowling, boxing, and golf.

During the initial set up of the Wii, you create your own Mii. Your Mii is basically your animated character in Wii-land. You will play and save your games on your Mii character file that is stored on the hard drive on the Wii. You can No make your Mii look like you (like I did) or completely different from you – that’s part of the fun. After creating my Mii, I gave the tennis game a try. When playing the Wii, you control your characters actions with a remote (Wiimote; get it?). During tennis, the remote acts as your tennis racket. You swing the remote like a tennis racket, and, provided you time it right, you will return the ball. You control the angle that you hit wholesale jerseys the ball by swinging earlier or later. Of course, if you TERADON swing too early or too late you miss the ball all together. You don’t run to the ball, running is completely controlled by the computer. You automatically gravitate towards the ball. My first impression was that it felt like I was playing actual tennis. My actual tennis stroke worked for serving and returning the ball. I also noticed that after a couple of games, I was working up a sweat.

The next day, I got my wife in on the action. We created her a Mii and we played some tennis. Despite playing very little tennis, she was able to pick up the Wiimote and play tennis. Its ease of use is part of what makes the Wii so great. Whether or not you have any video gaming experience at all, you can play the Wii and have fun doing it. Even my dad, who walks with two canes because he has chronic back problems, was able to play Wii golf with me on Father’s Day.

All five Wii sports get you off the couch and have you moving interactively while playing. This is something that video games that I played as a kid didn’t do. It takes the couch potato out of video gaming by getting you to move. Many of the games require you to stand to play them successfully and the motions simulate the real world activity interpolation to a large degree. Although, after getting some experience at playing the games, you get less of a workout because you figure out that wrist motions allow greater success without physically working as hard.

The verdict is that, when it comes to video games, Dance, Dance, Revolution still provides the best scientifically proven aerobic workout (you can purchase Dance, Dance Revolution for the Wii and other game consoles including PS2 and Ssstttrrrreeetttccchhh Xbox). What is exciting about the Wii is that its interactive game play gives parents a great option for a guilt free video game console that they can enjoy as much as their kids. Nintendo also has recently released the Wii Fit, the first fitness oriented video game which comes with a balance board. Once I get my hands on a Wii Estate Fit, I’ll let you know how it measures Exercises up.