New Beginnings

January is, for many, a time for change and new beginnings.  The first person that comes to mind when I think about change is my wife Janice.  In 2015, she moved from Canada to the United States and, if that wasn’t enough, she decided to simultaneously change careers.  After 16 years in commercial real estate, she decided to leave her desk job and become a personal trainer so that she could help people live healthier, more active lives.

For several months Janice studied 8-10 hours a day, shadowed me at the gym, and then began training clients while I shadowed her.  I’ve never seen someone study as hard as she did.  There were drawings of muscles posted throughout our house to help her memorize muscles and their actions. She prepared stacks of flashcards on anatomy, nutrition and postural assessments. She’d prepare client exercise programming days in advance of sessions, prepared to change everything if the client arrived feeling under the weather or with certain preferences for the day. After all her hard work studying and practice, Janice passed her personal trainer certification exam and has never been more ready to motivate and educate clients.

Janice is a perfect example of how you can decide to make a change at any point in your life.  Deciding to make a change, setting realistic goals and following through with daily actions — this is precisely how to make a goal a reality.

There is nothing more rewarding for us as personal trainers than to guide clients who are ready to make a change and improve their fitness and health.  When I watch Janice training her clients, I know she feels very lucky to be doing what she loves for a living, and I know her clients are also fortunate to work with someone who is passionate about her job.  I’m looking forward to watching both her and her clients succeed in 2016.

For more information about Janice, click here for her profile or click here to visit her website.