Our Personal Trainers

  • Nationally certified trainers
  • Private location
  • Clean, safe environment
  • High-end equipment
  • Convenient hours and location
  • Friendly, non-competitive atmosphere
  • Climate controlled workout facility
  • Insured personal trainers and facility
  • Complimentary consultation
  • In home training

George Hillinger I take a client focused approach as a personal trainer, emphasizing the individual and what is going to work best for them specifically.  I address every aspect of fitness through the body including muscular imbalances, coordination, flexibility and cardiovascular health through a multitude of resistance training techniques, corrective exercises, myofascial release, interval training and PNF Stretching.

Janice Hillinger It is important to me that every client knows they are welcomed and respected at the facility, regardless of their fitness background. My approach to personal training is client-centric, meaning your program is designed based on your goals, your fitness level, your medical limitations, your time constraints and what motivates you.

Phil Herrera I’m a firm believer in creating a positive environment for fitness so that my client can improve as a person both mentally and physically. I know that anyone who wants to take control of their life can change it for the better with belief in one’s self and self will. I provide the atmosphere and motivation for self improving by encouraging my clients to make healthy changes in habits and maintain healthy results once obtained.

Christy Robins The human body was designed to move, however, the demands of our “advanced” society have attributed to our loss of body awareness and kinesthetic wisdom. Helping clients re-learn what their bodies have forgotten is my main focus.

Marcos Robles I use proven, safe, and effective exercises and programs to reach fitness goals. I promote healthy lifestyle change achieved through positive attitude, dedication to self, and a commitment to improve one’s health and life through exercise and fitness training.

Brian Kranz I strongly believe that anyone who has a health and fitness goal can reach it if they are fully dedicated. I feel the power of self-discipline is one of the strongest aspects we have as humans, and with this power, the potential is limitless.

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