Brian Kranz

Certified Personal Trainer

Contact(949) 553-1588 (The Fitness Connection).
EducationNASM Certified Personal Trainer, BS Business Management.
SpecialtiesMuscle Imbalances, Posture Improvement and Prevention of Irregular Body Positions, Weight Loss, Post-Rehabilitation, Resistance Training, Strength and Conditioning, Flexibility Training Concepts, Cardiorespiratory Fitness Training, Core Strength Training, Balance Improvement, Plyometric and Reactive Training, Speed, Agility, and Quickness Training Concepts, Joint Stability.
ExperienceBegan personal training for friends and family at the age of 18. Certified Personal Trainer since 2011.
Hobbies/InterestsMusic, Movies, Video Games, Exotic Sports Cars, Fitness, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Kickboxing, Hockey, Baseball.

I strongly believe that anyone who has a health and fitness goal can reach it if they are fully dedicated. I feel the power of self-discipline is one of the strongest aspects we have as humans, and with this power, the potential is limitless. Staying in a positive mind set is key to achieving your goals. Whether it is health related or not, staying the course and striving to improve will enable anyone to reach their full potential. I started working out at the age of 16. I was 109 pounds when I was told by my doctor that I was underweight and my health was at risk. With grit and determination, I was able to put on 25 pounds of muscle by the time I graduated from High School. Since then, I have focused on helping others with their health and fitness needs. As a trainer, I am on the journey to health and fitness with my clients. I believe there is a great benefit in forming a special relationship with clients by connecting on a personal level and understanding their motivations. Focus, determination, and commitment are what I give to all of my clients. There is no looking back, only forward into SUCCESS.

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