Phil Herrera – Personal Trainer

Contact(949) 553-1588 (The Fitness Connection)
EducationNASM Certified Personal Trainer; Certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist.
SpecialtiesWeight Loss; Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes; Muscle Gain; Chronic Health Conditions; Improvement of Muscle Imbalances and Posture; Adolescents and Young Adults; Fibromyalgia; Joint Problems; Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Strengthening; Low Back Strengthening; Post Rehabilitation.
ExperienceThree years personal training experience at 24 Hour Fitness; One year personal training experience at Super Bodies; 6 years personal training experience at The Fitness Connection.
Hobbies/InterestsGym Junkie; Road Cycling; Aerobic Boxing; Surfing; Food; Meditation; Motorcycles; Tattoo Art; Home Improvement.
Fitness PhilosophyI’m a firm believer in creating a positive environment for fitness so that my client can improve as a person both mentally and physically. I know that anyone who wants to take control of their life can change it for the better with belief in one’s self and self will. I provide the atmosphere and motivation for self improving by encouraging my clients to make healthy changes in habits and maintain healthy results once obtained.

I remember going to Jack Lalanne with my grandma when I was 8 years old. We would even exercise to Jack Lalanne’s TV show at home together. I have always loved to work out, continuing my regimen to present day. When I was a young adult, seeing the positive effect that Richard Simmons had on overweight individuals that were in desperate need for help, drew me to use my love for fitness to help others. After years of personal training, I took a temporary hiatus to help my brother build his contracting business. This break was only confirmation that my true love is helping others with my expertise in fitness.  With my clients, I am attentive to detail, being sure that every muscle is appropriately doing its job to create structural soundness, ideal for lifelong health.  Getting in shape is like learning to surf, getting a great tattoo, or remodeling a home; every challenging step along the way contributes to the beautiful end result.

I just can’t think of what a better experience would be.  In just four months, most of my hip pain is gone, I’m significantly stronger in all areas, and my body looks better in the mirror than it has since I was a young adult.  I’m super impressed by Phil.

David L.

I was in a bad auto accident and started coming to The Fitness Connection to rehab the rest of my body once I was out of the hospital.  Eventually we were able to start working on my then mending broken leg. I have been working with Phiilip Herrera, who is nothing short of amazing. He has tailored a training regimen  personalized to me, and as I understand it, is the case with all of his clients. My doctors have been amazed with the progress that I have made, which was made possible by the work that I did with Phil.

Kevin M.

Phil is absolutely fantastic! He has helped me so much, to the point now that I am basically pain free from my fibromyalgia, which I never thought I could be. He is committed and accommodating. The workouts are totally personalized. He motivates me and makes me excited to come in and workout. He has exceeded my expectations and I feel very fortunate to be able to train with him.

Amy H.

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